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  • "I use AimPoint to help me read the greens more confidently." - Padraig Harrington (PGA TOUR)
  • "I won a major with AimPoint." - Stacy Lewis (LPGA)
  • "The one true way to read greens." - Scott McCarron (PGA TOUR)
  • "I recommend AimPoint to anyone wanting to understand green reading." - Hunter Haas (PGA TOUR)
  • "The results are astonishing!" - Stacey Keating (LET)
  • "The greatest invention in golf in 20 years" - Mike Adams (Top 100 Teacher)
  • "The best golf lesson I have ever had!"
  • "I am noticing a HUGE difference"
  • "Definitely life-changing"
  • "I've never felt that type of confidence on the greens before"
  • "Really Fanstastic"
  • "AimPoint produced a club championship last week"
  • "I cant play golf without it"
  • "Your methodology is brilliant"

AimPoint TV
AimPoint's groundbreaking predictive putt technology powers the Emmy-Award winning AimPoint putting line on the Golf Channel and is unparalleled in its accuracy. It is the most scientifically advanced putt simulation engine in existence.

Discover how to apply the World's #1 Green-Reading System to any green you ever play and that putting is highly predictable. Learn in months what takes the pro's decades to perfect.

Mobile Apps
AimPoint's mobile apps allow you to take AimCharts on the go and instantly see the break for any putt.

Green Design
The AimPoint physics engine can accurately model any putt on any green based on precise 3D surface models. Use this technology prior to construction or redesign to simulate how greens will play at any green speed and under any environmental condition.