AimPoint Mobile

The AimPoint mobile app is an interactive application that compliments the MidPoint Read using AimCharts and is not needed for the Express Read. It has an interactive version of the AimChart as well as video tips and instructor listings. The AimPoint app is not a substitute for actual on-course instruction, so we highly recommend visiting a Certified Instructor to get the maximum value out of AimPoint techniques and to learn how to fully use the AimCharts for any putt.

Electronic AimCharts:

The AimPoint app is an electronic version of the AimChart, showing expected break amounts in both English and Metric values as well as Speed Values. It allows you to use green speeds of 7 thru 13, and grades of 0.5% to 4.0%.

Instructor Listings:

Find the closest AimPoint instructors to you or list all instructors by state. Learning AimPoint techniques in a hands-on environment is critical to becoming an expert green reader.